Twitching vs Chasing

Ryan Shaw rtshaw80 at
Wed Mar 20 09:19:31 PST 2002

Twitching and Chasing are the same thing, twitching more of a british term
for it. Personally I don't consider chasing "real" birding, at least in the
sport of birding...trying to turn something rare or unusual up in the field.
Though thats why its fun to put the two together. Get your target twitch,
hopefully not dip, but tick, then go do real birding. Not implying at all
that I don't chase! Its a real adrenaline rush for me chasing a bird. The
sport of adding to one's life/state list, which is taken in many forms and
levels of seriousness. Though I couldn't justify to myself driving over 3
hours for a Common Grackle...even though its still an awesome bird for
Washington record wise, and my affection for the list I do care about, my
state list. Though I may try to put chasing/birding together this
weekend. Those Clarkston rare gulls are really tempting me. And it would
be cool to experience a new area of the state and do some birding in that
area... Gotta pass these march birding doldrums somehow.

And the question on the lifers. Well...its pretty much a lifer if you have
never seen it before, regardless of how many new ones you are accumulating
right now, thats the thrill of it!

Gotta love those Kinglets this time of year, its definitely a great thing to
hear, their funny little song and the displaying of the males. Reminds me
that passerine migration....what little we get in the just about
upon us.

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