Lower Columbia Basin Alert 3/20/2002

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra at oneworld.owt.com
Wed Mar 20 12:48:10 PST 2002

Hotline: Lower Columbia Basin
Date: March 20, 2002
Phone: 509-627-BIRD
Compiler and Transcriber: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise, wlafra at owt.com


Varied Thrush
Sandhill Cranes (2)
Pine Siskin, Western Screech-Owl
Common Redpoll (2)
Pacific Loon
Black-capped Chickadee
Peregrine Falcon


This is the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society Bird Alert for March 20,
2002. For questions regarding LCBAS, please leave a message.

To skip the announcement, push the star button on your phone and give your
name, phone number, and sightings after the tone.

Several reports have come in of VARIED THRUSHES at feeders or away from
their typical habitat of dense cover. Reports were from Margaret Greger on
March 6 & 18, Shirley Sonnichsen on March 10 & 13, and Mary Lilga on March 14.

On March 10, Mary Lilga reported 35 SANDHILL CRANES flying over North

On March 13, Margaret Greger had a PINE SISKIN at her Richland feeder. Up
to 3 WESTERN SCREECH-OWLS in Margaret Greger's Richland neighborhood
continue to call. Two were seen on the evening of March 12.

Judy and Scott Dietert had 2 COMMON REDPOLLS at their birdbath in North
Richland on March 14. Mary Lilga had one in her North Richland yard on
March 20.

Along the Columbia River in Columbia Park, Shirley Sonnichsen reported 2
PACIFIC LOONS on March 14. (Details are being requested as this is a late
date for this species locally.)

Also on the 14th, Wayne Heinz and Lucie Fritz observed a MERLIN with a kill
at the Columbia Center Mall in Kennewick.

On March 18, Scott Dietert reported more SANDHILL CRANES flying over North

BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES inhabit riparian areas in the Tri-Cities but are
unusual at feeders. For the second time, Bob Woodley had 2 chickadees at
his feeder today.

Jim Nelson spotted a PEREGRINE FALCON on the Blue Bridge this morning,
March 20. It was later seen perched under the bridge.

To report your own sightings, please give your name, phone number and
sightings after the tone. Thank you.

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise
Richland, WA
wlafra at owt.com

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