From buntings to juncos to sparrows

Kelly Cassidy lostriver at
Wed Mar 20 08:05:08 PST 2002

> >i know, juncos are not as wonderful as a painted bunting

> > Deborah Wisti-Peterson

> I'd be interested in knowing why juncos are not as wonderful as painted

> buntings . . . any comments?

> Cheers, Diann

I want to know why no one ever mentions the wonderful House Sparrows. "My"
little flock of 4 pairs is busy building nests under the eaves of the old
barn. Most times of day, one of the males is perched on the roof surveying
his estate. The males are looking very handsome this time of year in their
spring finery. A couple days ago, 3 starlings were exploring the barn for
nest sites, turning the house sparrows into a cloud of fluttering
indignation. So far, the sparrows seem to be holding their own against the
comparatively huge starlings.

(By the way, I don't feed the sparrows or otherwise encourage them..)

Kelly Cassidy

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