From buntings to juncos to sparrows

Scott G. Downes Downess at cwu.EDU
Wed Mar 20 21:59:30 PST 2002

Though if you don't appreciate such birds, you might like Fairbanks, AK. Imagine a town of over 50,000 with no House Sparrows, House Finches or Starlings. Even in Anchorage some 300 plus miles to the south House sparrows and starlings are unusual and this is a city the size of Portland. Guess the House Sparrows haven't figured out there is a huge state to the north yet...

Good Birding.

Scott Downes
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Ellensburg WA

>>> Eugene Hunn <enhunn at> 03/20/02 21:23 PM >>>

What's amazing about House Sparrows is how you can drive 100 miles across
the Arizona desert, pull into a "town" of one derelict gas station, and
there are the House Sparrows!

Gene Hunn.

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