From buntings to juncos to sparrows

RT Cox birder at
Thu Mar 21 05:57:06 PST 2002

Or you can fly 13000 miles to New Delhi and find English sparrows
everywhere, or then fly to 13000 feet in Leh, Ladakh (in Kashmir) and find
English sparrows everywhere.

Here they take over my bluebird boxes and eat all of the seed I put out for
finches and real sparrows.

I have been told that the Brits took English sparrows to all of their
outposts so that the charming little chirping noises would remind them of

What amazes me is that whenever a cat or a sharpie nails a bird in my yard,
it is always a Goldfinch or Lazuli Bunting, never a **** English sparrow.

I guess I am one of those people who hates English sparrows, but there is no
way to make them go home to England, so maybe I should just relax and accept
them. Many people feed them and think they are charming, so I will just try
to accept that.

RT Cox
Gillette, Wyoming

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