prevention of feeding the Starling/Sparrow population

Margaret Parkinson margparkie at
Thu Mar 21 10:13:26 PST 2002

I have several feeders high in a birch tree outside my window (rigged high
to keep away from neighborhood cats). When I first started with the feeders
a year and a half ago I only put out sunflower seeds. Yes, sparrows did
flock to it and the finches and others had to 'wait their turn". However,
when I put out a millet feeder I found the sparrows went to that leaving the
sunflower feeders exclusively for the finches and others. This continues to
work in our yard.

Margaret Parkinson
University District, Seattle.
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Subject: prevention of feeding the Starling/Sparrow population

> Tweets, on the issue of feeding, I moved my feeders much closer to the

> house, and the starlings never see it, and the house sparrows rarely visit

> the feeding station.....moving your food helps alot on this issue. But if

> it does get to be bad, I simply don't fill the feeders for a

> while.......Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at


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