end the house sparrow thread please!

Lee Rentz leerentz at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 21 15:25:15 PST 2002

For those who wish to end the House Sparrow thread: I'm afraid I
don't understand your rationale. The thread has included spippets
about bird behavior, predation, nesting, competition, and
conservation--most of it fascinating and some of it useful in
understanding alien invasions.

It seems to me that Tweeters can and should address more than just
driving long distances to view rare birds.

We are united by an interest in birds, and I think that should
include discussions of threats to birds (okay, perhaps not cats since
that topic has already been banned), behavioral observations,
binoculars and other aids to viewing birds, birding audiotapes,
birding software and relevant computer hardware, bird photography,
bird books, birding vehicles, birding clothes, and whatever else
comes to mind that has to do with enjoying birds.

I personally find some threads long and boring, but I use the delete
key freely.

Lee Rentz

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