end the house sparrow thread please!

Blake Iverson coopershwk at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 21 18:09:05 PST 2002

You stop the the house sparrow and starling information that comes in on
this forum, you really hurt the success of keeping our native songbirds
safe. Many people like to get info from people like me to see how they can
rid of S&S so that their swallows/martins and bluebirds can survive. I had
my first "personal" encounter with a bull (male) house sparrow. He killed
one of my fledgling t. swallows. I'm VERY protective of my swallows and you
can imagine how mad I was. I also came upon a dead cliff swallow pecked to
death in the head from a h. sparrow. Guess WHAT! I now have no more cliff
swallows in my neighbor hood!! I'm not too happy about that either. I have
traps and a gun and I use them a lot. I'm even shooting at a barn to give
the barn and cliff swallows a chance to reproduce successfully. I'm going to
put up a nest box for the tree swallows and I won't allow any S&S control at
the farm. Any one who doesn't like the S&S topics just needs to delete the
messages. It's very, very important that we educate the begginers so that
they don't feed or give nest boxes to these pests. I repsect the S&S like I
do any bird. They are doing what nature taught them to do. SURVIVE! But they
do it in a way that our birds aren't used to yet. That method is to kill. We
can't allow that because our birds never lived side-by-side for centuries to
naturally come up with a solution to deal with them. Just like the cuckoos
in Africa, the weaver birds either make a very small entrance, or if it's a
large weaver, the egss are a certain color and any other color is thrown
out. The cuckoo's eggs. That's why I repect them but also know that it is
absolutely necessary to control them.

Blake Iverson
Arlington, WA
coopershwk at hotmail.com

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