Ellensburg Hoary Redpoll-directions and tips

Scott G. Downes Downess at cwu.EDU
Thu Mar 21 23:09:31 PST 2002

As several people have asked me about directions to this bird so I decided to post a general post to tweets.
To locate this bird, take the Canyon Rd exit off of I-90 and turn north. Go up Main st and take a right on first ave. Go down first ave to Walnut. The bird has been most reguarly seen along the north side of 1st ave between walnut and chesnut (One block east of walnut). I have also seen the flock south a block or two from 1st and this morning the flock was feeding on birch and cedars in a yard at the corner of walnut and 2nd ave.
I have seen this flock sometimes in the morning (9-10a) and as late as 3-4 in the afternoon. The flock is just feeding on birch and cedars in the neighborhood and to the best of my knowledge is not visiting any feeders. A cautionary note, there are several pale commons in the flock in addition to the Hoary, so use caution in your ID.
I have talked to quite a few of my neighbors on 1st ave, and all have been great and enthused about the birds, several were even lucky enough to see the hoary. However I ask you not to abuse this privelage, please stay on the street or sidewalks, be careful to avoid looking towards windows etc..
This is one of the reasons I only have just "ok" photos of this bird, many of the birches along the street are rather tall and the birds tend to stay 15-20 feet up, the birds do go lower in the peoples yards, however this is private property and while my neighbors have been great I don't want to make them sorry for being so nice. Those who come and try to see the bird this weekend, I wish you the best of luck and when I'm around I'll try to keep my eyes out both for the birds and for people looking for it. Also if you happen to get photos of it, please let me know as I'd like to include these in the write up for this bird to the BRC.

Good birding all.

Scott Downes
downess at cwu.edu

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