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Fri Mar 22 09:08:45 PST 2002

BANDER-in-CHARGE (1): The Rocky Point Bird Observatory Society (RPBO) on Vancouver Island, British Columbia is seeking an experienced, licensed bander to operate mist-nets and band birds at its migration monitoring station. This position begins July 20 and ends October 20 (approx. 90 days). Position includes a salary of $100 CAD/day, plus $20 CAD/day stipend for food and expenses. In addition, a final report is required at the end of season due by December 31, which offers 10 additional paid days at $100 CAD/day. Working with an established protocol, the position involves mist netting and banding passerines, daily census and ET’s, training and supervision of volunteers, as well as data entry. Individuals with strong inter-personal skills will be preferred. Experience with the identification of western birds by sight and sound will be an asset. Facilities are rustic with pit toilets and no running water, but a fifth-wheel trailer powered by solar panels provides on-site accommodation. Candidates with their own vehicle will have more freedom of movement. Candidates should also be prepared to pass a security background check, as our station is located on Department of National Defence property. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable field experience with West Coast species while living on the breathtaking southern coast of Vancouver Island. Please submit cover letter, resume, and three work related references to DAVID ALLINSON: by e-mail at goshawk at or mail at RPBO, c/o 572 Atkins Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada, V9B 3A3. Visit our website at
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