? about nest boxes

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Fri Mar 22 09:44:09 PST 2002

Attach a block of wood with a 1.5 inch hole over the
"general boxes". This size hole is still big enough
for chickadees and swallows, but will exclude the
<explicative deleted>.

As for the flicker box... I don't think urban flicker
boxes are consistently successful enough to justify.
Though we were awakened this morning to the sound of
one rapping on a roof vent on our house.

Jpsdiver at aol.com wrote:


> After reading several comments about starlings and h.sparrows I'm growing

> concerned about my nest boxes. This is my 3rd year of serious birding and I

> have five nest boxes in my yard. One for n.flicker, which flickers and

> starlings are showing a lot of interest in. One for Green Swallows. Three,

> are an "all purpose" box with about a 2 inch opening. The sparrows and

> chickadees are showing interest, especially the sparrows. At any given time I

> have about 3 to 5 Starlings in my yard and maybe the same amount of sparrows.

> I also have an abundant amount of other species of birds.

> My question, finally, what should I do about the three "all purpose "

> boxes? I was thinking of decreasing the opening so the sparrows could not

> enter. Since I've been birding I have had no increase in sparrow activity and

> have seen no aggressive behavior, not yet. Comments much appreciated!


> Jeff Smith

> jpsdiver at aol.com

> Parkland,WA.

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
celata at pacifier.com


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