Bewick's Wren nesting:

Ruth Sullivan GODWIT at
Fri Mar 22 17:44:40 PST 2002

Hello Tweeters,
For the last two hours i been watching two Bewick's wren using one of our
birdhouses to making a nest.We been having this two birds close sticking
around our Patio for the last three months ,looking,eating on the suet
feeder and eating the crushed Peanuts.We having two more Bewick's Wrens, but
there been not pairing up like this two birds.Watching all the time what is
going on in my yard,i finaly saw that one bird came out of theBox and the
other went in with material like dry leaves or smal twigs.At on time one
bird found a white feather ,went to the Box,hanging on.When the head of the
other wren appeared at the hole,he or she would not accept the feather,it
dropped to the ground.So there very paticular what there using for there
nest material.I had Bewick's Wren nesting before,but it been years since
there using a nestbox.This is a smal houe made this for smal birds,so no
House Sparrows can get in, or get stuck in the hole what happen with my
Violet green Swallow house where the house Sparrow trying to get in and got
This morning i had a Varied Thrush flying on to the suet feeder at
6.00AM.This bird been hanging around our little Noble Fir what is on our
patio beeing used by all smal birds as the Golden -crowned Kinglet's Bewik's
Wren and Red-brested Nuthatches.We use ground up unsalted peanuts what i
also use in my suet.This Varied Thrush flew up on to the Suet feeder.
It is hard to believe to see this bird on the suet.
As we got our first male Rufous Hummigbird on the 18th and than the next day
a female rufous appeared,our Anna's was not been seeing since the morning on
the 18th.But yesterday he reappeared late at 6.00 pm and been here all day
again.We also saw the female Anna's,so there going or already bred close
by.We both was so worried that the agessive male Rufous would take over the
yard.It is a pleasure to watching all this yardbirds so close and keep
records when where and there behaviour.
Going twitching again this weekend!!!!!

Ruth Sullivan
godwit at

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