First fine spring day? Osprey!

Martha Anderson scribenbirder at
Fri Mar 22 17:57:35 PST 2002

After our horrible first day - o - spring snowfall, my spirits have been revived!

This morning I had about the most perfect day possible. Ten years ago I sold my horse and gave up my passion of Dressage. I took up birding to fill the void in my spirit.

Well through a series of happy events, I have been back in the saddle for a month and a half. Early this morning I had the opportunity of riding out after my training session.

The farm is on Novelty Hill Road right above the Carnation / Duvall valley (east of Redmond WA). So there I sat on a Grand Prix Dressage schoolmaster, listening and watching all of our local fellows; robins, chickadees, woodpeckers of varied types, sparrows, juncos and wrens, all busy singing, courting or hammering.

High overhead two Osprey circled against a blue sky. There is a nest on a power line tower about three blocks away.

For me, this was the perfect day. I introduced Sebastian ,the horse, to all the birds we met as we walked along. He is teaching me so much I thought I would return the favor.

I cannot stop smiling!

Marti Anderson
Federal Way WA

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