Douglas Canning dcanning at nisquallyestuary.org
Sat Mar 23 10:15:48 PST 2002

On 21 Mar 2002, Constance J. Sidles wrote:

> they don't eat anything on conifers. Can anyone tell me if there are

> any conifers at Ridgefield? I can't remember the site well enough to

> say. - Connie, Seattle

I seem to remember that there are conifer habitats along the "Oaks to
Wetlands Trail" in the Carty Unit north of the town of Ridgefield,
but not in the more commonly visited River S Unit. The "Oaks to
Wetlands Trail" starts out through an oak savannah, passes some
wetlands, and eventually gets into conifers.

Douglas Canning
Olympia, Washington
dcanning at nisquallyestuary.org

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