Common Grackle is back

Denny Granstrand osprey at
Sat Mar 23 16:32:58 PST 2002

Hi Tweeters,

The Common Grackle that had been hanging out east of Yakima is back. I saw
it at about 3:30 this afternoon is the same area it was originally seen.

>From Interstate 82, go east on Highway 24 a little over two miles. There is

a traffic light at Highway 24 and Birchfield Road. Turn right and go about
one mile. The grackle is in a flock of mostly Brewer's Blackbirds and is
seen most of the time on the west side of the road in the pastures south of
a set of horse and llama corrals.

As I was looking at the flock this afternoon, all of the birds flew. Half
of the flock went south, half went north to the willow trees near the
corrals and the other half flew up to the telephone wires. The grackle was
in the half that went south and was seen in a tree in the backyard of the
house at 2711 S. Birchfield Road. The flock roams the area so be patient
and look around.

Denny Granstrand
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