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Sun Mar 24 17:42:41 PST 2002

At Stevenson in Skamania Co. on Fri. I found 1 Say's Phoebe 1 block south of
the hwy and main part of town. This is a rare record for Skamania Co.

Next good place I stopped a few hours before dusk at Whitcomb Island in
southwest Benton Co. There were approx. 500 Snow Geese along with one 'Blue
Goose'. Mixed with the Pintail and Mallards were 2 White-fronted Geese and
1 Ross's Goose. Sittiing on the ground watching the ducks feed was a young
Peregrine Falcon which took off when a Bald Eagle came by.

On Sat. after leaving the rest of the birders in Clarkston looking for the
Iceland Gull I ran into Patrick and Ruth Sullivan who had just seen the
Western Scrub-Jay. It was beginning to cool off so I rechecked the
Scrub-Jay area once more before returning to Walla Walla. I didn't 'pish'
or make any noises just walked around the blackberry patch stopping every
little bit to listen. One complete circle and the jay popped up. This bird
doesn't look like the W. Scrub-Jays along the Columbia River as it is too
gray on the underparts. Possibly a good photo will show this if someone
gets a picture. The bird did not make a sound until I was just climbing
back into my car and it called 3 times while flying.

Ken Knittle, Vancouver, WA
washingtonbirder at

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