Othello Sandhill Crane Fest.

Bob Flores rflores at qosi.net
Sun Mar 24 21:12:15 PST 2002

I would like to thank all of those folks who made their way to the Festival this year, I know we were all keeping our eyes on that weather!

Here are some of the highlight birds seen and I am sure I will forget some that I may not have heard about.

Ross's Goose in three counties, 2 in Grant and Adams Co. (same birds) and one in Franklin Co? (Scootney Res).

Snow Goose three occasions including 13 at one time. They I beleave also were found in all three Counties mentioned above.

White-fronted goose in several places and all three Counties. One flock of 500.

Tundra Swan several places and a high of 216 at Para Ponds and the lake north of it.

Tricolored Blackbird atleast two see at Para Ponds at the cattle feeding spot, Mcmanoman Rd.

Glaucous Gull on Potholes Res. boat trip.

Purple Martin on Potholes Res. boat trip. Just south of Job Corps Dike North Potholes Reserve.

Five Eurasian wigeon Columbia NWR, Migraine Lake.

Merlin at Mardon Resort.

And thousands of Sandhill cranes.

Randy Hill will probably fill in what I forgot

Bob Flores
Othello, WA
rflores at qosi.net

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