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Sun Mar 24 21:27:35 PST 2002

I am hoping for help identifying a goose I saw on January 27, 2002 and today
March 24, 2002 at the Montlake Fill. It is about the size of a Canada Goose
but with a thicker neck. It is all over whitish but not stark white.. Pink
bill with a black tip. Face had a plump roundish cheek that was whiter than
the face but just a bit. On January 27 I saw it walking around the Big Pond
with Canada Geese and it had pink legs! Today I did not see its legs. It was
swimming in the canal between the cat tails and the Lake and then it was
swimming in the Big Pond.

Other Montlake birds this morning:
Parking lot pond (E5lot)
pair of Shovelors
3 Mallards
3 Green winged Teals
Swallows (could use help here too!)
Canada Geese

First Pond:
1 coot
Red winged black bird
2 crows flew in

Open Lake Washington
18 + cormorants
Great Blue Heron flying
Hooded Mergensers
Common Mergensers
Mystery Goose

Big Pond:
3 coots
2 Male Ruddy Ducks
1 Male Shovelor
Mystery Goose

4 Canada Geese
1 pair Gadwalls
lots of coots
Male Ring necked Duck

Mud Flat
2 Turtles!

Randy Joseph
University District
mail to: rivaleya at

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