BANDING REPORT: Neawanna Wetland 3/25/2002

Mike Patterson celata at
Mon Mar 25 14:04:16 PST 2002

BANDING REPORT- Neawanna Wetland Preserve
25 March 2002

Method: Up to eight 9m mist nets are placed in mixed Oregon
Crabapple/Twinberry/Spruce along the the upper Neawanna River,
Seaside, Clatsop Co. OR. Captured birds are measured, ringed
with USBBL numbered metal bands and released. Data on time of
capture and side of net captured are also recorded to gain
an understanding of movements through the area.

Hours 4
Nets 8
Net*hours 32

Rufous Hummingbird RUHU 1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet RCKI 6
American Robin AMRO 2

Black-capped Chickadee BCCH 1 08-19-2001
Chestnut-backed Chickadee CBCH 1 04-16-2000
Fox Sparrow FOSP 1 10-01-2000
Song Sparrow SOSP 3 06-06-1999

new captures 9
total captures 15
diversity 7
birds/(net*hour) 0.5
diversity/(net*hour) 0.2

NOTES: Today began the first banding session at the regular banding
site for the 2002 season. There was some RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD activity
at the site and a female was captured. The capture peak in past years
has been early April for hummingbirds. A single calendula-type (big gray)
RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET was captured along with 5 grinnlli-type (small green)
kinglets. Lots of recaptures including a SONG SPARROW that now must be
at least 4 years old.

Further information on the this project is
available at:

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
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