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Hello Randy,
We must had the same Avocet than you had at this location.We spotted this Shorebird at 8.30AM driving to Clarkston.We always checking this pond's out,seems there always early there.There was onother sighting on the 23rd in Oregon on the OFU by Paul Sullivan on the Echo Meadows W Stanfield first record for Oregon

Ruth Sullivan
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During the Crane Festival one was seen 3/23 at the reliable "County Line Ponds" about 10 miles west of Othello. Someone from Pilchuck Audubon reported it.

We're up to 8-10,000 cranes in the Othello area now. Still no Demoiselle seen, but haven't looked at all of the cranes yet either. Concentrations are still using Scooteney Reservoir south of Othello for roosting, and two farm fields on Columbia NWR along Corfu Road and at Road E SE, 10-13 miles west of Othello.

Randy Hill
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Hi Tweeters:
Spring has finally arrived for certain in the Tri-Cities. This morning, Mar. 25, on the Yakima River delta were two American Avocets in their spiffy alternate plumage. Absolutely gorgeous!
Bob Woodley
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