Yakima grackle still there

Ruth Sullivan GODWIT at worldnet.att.net
Mon Mar 25 19:19:41 PST 2002

Hello Rachel,
My thought's going to see the Common Grackle was the same as your,but seeing
this bird is so fascinating,the way he acts and always talking to you,i must
change my mind to rate this bird high on my list.Not every bird got this
behavier and he is not shy.I had this bird right on the road where at one
time his feathers was all standing straight up.I taking a photo of this
pose.I would not mind seeing this Grackle again.

Ruth Sullivan
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> I saw the COMMON GRACKLE today at about 10:30 am, in the usual spot on

> Birchfield Rd in Yakima. It was displaying and singing its lovely grackle

> song. I can't believe I went all that way to see a grackle, but there are

> compensations; it's almost worth going to Yakima just to get pan dulce at

> Ruben's Tortilleria and Panaderia. Que bueno!


> Rachel Lawson

> Seattle

> RachelLawson at softhome.net



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