Weekend Birding

Jessebirder at aol.com Jessebirder at aol.com
Mon Mar 25 19:41:25 PST 2002

I've had a friend visiting from out of town, and we've been doing a bit of
birding this weekend. For those who are interested,

At Ft. Flagler on Marrowstone Island on Saturday, we had the usual water
birds plus wonderful views of breeding plumaged RHINOCEROUS AUKLETS and the
first of the spring VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS. We then ventured to the Sequim
area where the tide was extremely low, making birding difficult. But, there
were about 10 MARBLED GODWITS at the oyster house (the end of Oysterhouse
Road off Marine Drive).

On Sunday, we went "after" the FALCATED TEAL, and arrived at about 8:45am.
We were as lucky as Colin and Ethel - the bird was in clear sight at the
entrance to Samish Island, and we watched it for at least half an hour before
tearing ourselves away. We also went to look for the YELLOW-BILLED LOON, but
had no success.

Today, Monday, we went out to Port Angeles, and were surprised at the lack of
birds at Ediz Hook, but had a glorious time on Hurricane Ridge. We did stop
by to look for Stumpy at Lincoln Park in Port Angeles, and thought we'd have
to go home empty handed. The pond is so full, it's overflowing it's
boundaries. We drove around to the west end of the park, and there was an
EMPEROR GOOSE hanging out with a group of CANADA GEESE - we assume it's
Stumpy, even though he/she decided it was nap time and didn't get up to show
us his/her legs.

All-in-all a satisfying few days.

Jesse Stewart
Port Hadlock/Jefferson County
Jessebirder at aol.com

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