Common Yellowthroat at Washougal - GULL I. D. help

John & Loraine Allinger jonymike at
Tue Mar 26 04:46:47 PST 2002

Clear DayHi Birders on Tweeters;

Monday afternoon, we biked and birded along the dike easterly of Port of
Washougal Industrial Area along shore of Columbia River and adjacent to
Steigerwald N.W.R.

Of Special Note were:
1 Common Yellowthroat -male
2 sm. flocks of Western Meadowlarks
1 Say's Phoebe
0 Purple Martins

GULL I.D. HELP SOUGHT: On the Columbia was an unidentified small gull which
sat perky on the water, about half the size of immature gulls also feeding
on surface flotsam. Noted as having black eye; all-white head and body;
black spot on bill; wings a very light gray grading to a gray-maybe
gray-brown at tips. Doesn't seem to match anything in field guides. I'd
don't usually try to I.D. gulls, but was intrigued with this one as I
thought I ought to be able to figure it out. Briefly in the air where I
noted no distinctive wing markings, but was on water again before I got a
look at the legs. Any ideas? Just another immature?

----birding at Washougal
___John & Loraine Allinger
OF__Hockinson, Clark Co., Washington
Elevation: 500 feet / 160 meters
Latitude: _45_45_N
Longitude: _122_30_W

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