Everett Herons

Wayne C. Weber contopus at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 27 01:48:31 PST 2002


Boy, that's really a PILE of herons! (Sorry, couldn't resist the

Wayne Weber
Kamloops, BC
contopus at shaw.ca

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> Sunday I counted 91 GBH mostly on pilings north of Jetty

> Island and south of Steamboat Slough in the Snohomish River

> estuary. What seemed unusual is that most were on their own

> piling, cormorant-style, rather than standing on log rafts or

> log booms. Parts of the area populated by pilings had a heron

> on each piling! This is the largest grouping of GBH I have

> ever seen here. It is fascinating how their behavior changes

> so much with the season.


> Ed Schulz

> Everett, WA


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