Everett Herons

Ed Schulz eschulz at gte.net
Wed Mar 27 11:42:53 PST 2002

There are several good places for observing along the Everett
waterfront. One that overlooks the entire estuary is at
Legion Park just west of Alverson Blvd. about a block south of
where it intersects W. Marine View Drive at the very northern
end of Everett. There is a city park parking lot there and
easy access to the bluff overlook. On W. Marine View Drive
heading toward the port there are two pullouts with parking
and benches that look out over Maulsby Mudflats and at 10th
Street there is a large public boat ramp and lots of parking.
In the summer after the 4th of July, the city operates a free
passenger ferry out to Jetty Island.

For those interested in seeing Osprey (once they return),
these are all good locations. The colony that nests on the
pilings is one of the largest on the west coast. Last year
there were around 100 Osprey here (at least 50 young in ~24
nests, their parents and several unsuccessful nests).

Ed Schulz
Everett, WA

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>Is there a good place to go to pier at the pile of herons?

Oops that's not

>the way to spell peer.

>G. Munger



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