Notable Port Angeles sighting(s) 3/23

J. Simmons woodpecker97330 at
Wed Mar 27 17:33:04 PST 2002


I spent last weekend (3/23-24) in Port Angeles. A
couple of observations of note:

I saw a VARIED THRUSH that, instead of being dark gray
and orange, was dark gray and white (or off-white).
No orange to be seen. Views were brief, but long
enough to get good views of the stripes on the head
and the whole breast.

A TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE was seen regularly in my host's
yard. In Oregon, TOSO is described as an "uncommon
summer resident" in the Coast Range and, from my
experiences, is a vagrant in the Willamette Valley (in
spite of what field guide maps show). I suspect it is
not a notable sighting for Port Angeles, but thought
I'd mention it just in case.

Any comments on either sighting would be appreciated.


Jamie Simmons
Corvallis, Oregon

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