White-fronted Goose at the Ballard Locks

Cliff Drake cliff at cliffdrake.net
Wed Mar 27 22:18:35 PST 2002

At 05:37 PM 3/27/2002 -0800, Rachel Lawson wrote:

> On the way home, I stopped at the Ballard Locks, where I found one


Rachael, I'm pretty sure this is the same Greater White Fronted Goose I've
been seeing there all winter, when I first reported it it had jut a tiny
bit of white around the bill, it's been getting gradually more all winter,
and now its getting more marks on the breast. I have some pictures I took a
few months ago, if you want to see them, http://cliff@cliffdrake.net/goose/
These pics were taken just off the circular drive just east of the
Cavanaugh house. (The private residence on top of the hill.)They're a
little shaky, it was dim and cold.This morning it was on the "main" lawn
between the Visitors Center and the Cavanaugh House. I first posted about
this goose October 9th and posted the address for the pics 12/28 so they
were probably taken in mid to late December.

Cliff Drake
Seattle WA
cliff at cliffdrake.net

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