Western Scrub Jay in Asotin Co.

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Thu Mar 28 17:58:46 PST 2002

Hello Tweets,

My mother visited Dennis Paulson today at the University of Puget Sound to
present him two of the photographs that she took of the Western Scrub Jay
that has been present near Chief Timothy S.P. along Hwy.12 in Asotin Co. My
mother was able to also look at up to 12 skins of the the interior and
coastal subspecies that Dennis had available,and going by the skins, the
photographs, Dennis Paulson's opinion and by an article written in the most
recent issue of WESTERN BIRDS Vol.32,#3 2001 issue by Jon L.Dunn and Kimball
L.Garrett, which ALL show by a combination of the physical and behavioral
features listed previously and observed indicate that the individual bird is
indeed an interior subspecies as first indicated. The bird in Asotin Co. is
structurally,physically,and behaviorally much different than the coastal
subspecies that we have encountered and at first sight may recall a
pale-breasted,gray-backed Pinyon Jay, which the article in Western Birds
indicates,showing little contrast in plumage in the pale blue head,rump,and
tail to the pale,dingy gray upperparts and back. The birds bill as
previously mentioned in a past posting is noticeably thinner and
longer,compared to the much thicker-based,shorter bill of the coastal
subspecies. The interior subspecies or "Woodhouse's Scrub Jay" of the
Western Scrub Jay, as listed and mentioned in the Western Birds article is
one of several races or subpsecies and at inland locations and in areas
where Western Scrub Jays are considered very rare,such as most of eastern WA
away from Klickitat Co., it should be considered that the interior
subspecies should be considered. It is still very possible the coastal
subspecies could wander up the Columbia or Snake Rivers and their
tributaries,especially in areas surrounding Klickitat Co., but they would be
more easy to detect by their noticeable behavior than the shyer interior


Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
GODWIT@ worldnet.att.net

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