falcated duck

Bob Flores rflores at qosi.net
Thu Mar 28 18:09:20 PST 2002

Well, I am sorry for posting this so late. I did see the falcated duck Tues March 26. I arrived at the ?W-90? at about daylight. I had notes from previous postings and mis read them. Actually I could not tell which way was WEST? clouds had sun blocked. I decided the small road that leads to the right as you go through the gate of the parkinglot. It looked like it led to the dike and "no trespass" sign described. Well about 3/4 the way to the dike (the one at the bay) the road petered out. But I could see a large flock of widgeon straight ahead. I could not get close enough without getting wet so I backtracked and took the other trail out of the parkinglot and walked all the way back to the ducks. It was quite a hike. I found it in with the widgeon right up against the dike . It took three passes before I spotted the bird. I had earlier told some folks at the location it had been seen earlier that if I found it I would go back and get them. I got about half way back on the dike when I turned to see all the birds in the air. Half flew to the bay (on the other side of dike) and the others flew in the opposite direction (inland). I then saw two of the folks I just mentioned the female had came in the way I had and was almost to the dike. The male was in the middle of the big field the birds were in. I do not believe he had spooked them he was a ways from them. I explained what had happened and they went to the dike to look as others had as well. I spoke to them when they had come back in. It had begun to rain hard and that in combo with the wind made viewing difficult. Also the birds had moved well away from the shore of the dike. This is one time I can be thankful that I was lost, for had I gone to the reliable spot I would not have been so lucky. The rain continued for quite awhile so I came home.

While on my way home I stopped in Yakima and viewed the common grackle, what a beautiful male. It was in the horse stalls on the ground and was chasing male Brewer's blackbirds around.

Bob Flores
Othello, WA
rflores at qosi.net

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