vireo/kinglet comparison

MurrayH at MurrayH at
Thu Mar 28 19:11:57 PST 2002

Hi! Since some of us can't download photos, much less see them on a web
address, it would be a help if someone would describe the differences between
the 2 species, e.g., the placement of the white bar above the black in the
lower wingbar in the Kinglet. And, of course, at this time of year,
identification is really helped by the differences between the songs:
monotonous two-note phrase in the vireo and quite melodic notes in the
kinglet. (Sorry, this is sort of sour grapes from an old Apple computer
(1987) user. Can read all of your interesting e-mail but can't see any of
your pictures!!!) Incidentally, just recently we have had both species
singing in the back yard. Also, glad to see someone else is still seeing the
Painted Bunting -- had it on Sunday last -a beautiful bird! Murray

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