Clarkston/Lewiston Gulls: 7 species

Stephen L. Lindsay slindsay at
Thu Mar 28 20:19:31 PST 2002

I went searching for gulls in the Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington
area this afternoon. I had seen the Lesser Black-backed Gull on Sunday (not
seen today), but missed the Iceland Gull. Today, however, I had a great
view of the ICELAND GULL as a fly-by at 3pm. I observed it in Clarkston
(Asotin Co., Washington) from the area of the golf driving range adjacent to
Costco, along the Snake River, just after its confluence w/ the Clearwater
River. The gull was alone and flying up the Snake River, then it turned and
disappeared into Lewiston (Nez Perce Co., Idaho) over the levee just north
of the Hwy 12 bridge. I ticked it for both states!

At the Asotin County Landfill in west Clarkston there were hundreds of gulls
of 6 species: CALIFORNIA (mostly), RING-BILLED (lots), HERRING (many of
all ages), THAYER'S (an adult and a 1st winter), GLAUCOUS-WINGED (3rd
winter - also an adult at the Army Corps office area at the Hwy 12 bridge),
and MEW (an adult - I
had seen a 1st winter at the Snake River on Sunday).

Stephen Lindsay
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
slindsay at

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