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> Hello Murray and tweeters,

> There is a reason Dennis put both birds on to the internet.One, the long

> stay of the Vireo,feeding two to three times a day on suet sometime


> together on the suet perches with the Ruby-crowned Kinglet.Than the long

> stay in our yard ,and the other for comparing this two species side by


> for the fieldmarks.Most birders i am sure have Hutton's Vireos in there


> at one or onother occasion.The other the long stay from Februar the 15th


> March the 22nd.



> Ruth Sullivan

> godwit at worldnet.att.net

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> > Hi! Since some of us can't download photos, much less see them on a web

> > address, it would be a help if someone would describe the differences

> between

> > the 2 species, e.g., the placement of the white bar above the black in


> > lower wingbar in the Kinglet. And, of course, at this time of year,

> > identification is really helped by the differences between the songs:

> > monotonous two-note phrase in the vireo and quite melodic notes in the

> > kinglet. (Sorry, this is sort of sour grapes from an old Apple computer

> > (1987) user. Can read all of your interesting e-mail but can't see any


> > your pictures!!!) Incidentally, just recently we have had both species

> > singing in the back yard. Also, glad to see someone else is still seeing

> the

> > Painted Bunting -- had it on Sunday last -a beautiful bird! Murray

> >


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