Lower River Rd., Clark Co.

washingtonbirder. Knittle washingtonbirder at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 28 21:47:14 PST 2002

Today got home a few hours before dark so raced down to Lower River Rd.
along the Columbia River near Vancouver looking for migrants. Due to not
much time I did note 1 male Eurasian Wigeon at Post Office Lake still with
about 35 American Wigeon. This seems to be getting late for southwest WA.
Also my first Osprey between Vancouver Lake and the Columbia River working
the canal looking for supper. Still about 27 Sandhill Cranes lingering
around. Did not see the Ross's Goose which had been here for 2 or more

Ken Knittle, Vancouver, WA
washingtonbirder at hotmail.com

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