Screech Owl nestbox in Hemlock

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Your notes here and earlier on Tweeters regarding the Barred Owl-W. Screech
Owl interaction have squared with my experience. As one of the main owlers
for the Sequim-Dungeness CBC over the years, I've noted a real decline in W.
Screech-Owl over the last five years, and a year or two ago I actually had a
Barred almost take my head off after I played the Screech tape near
Graysmarsh! I guess my only hope on Screech is that the birds might still be
around, but are remaining silent to avoid being eaten.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
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>I have a pair of WESTERN SCREECH-OWLs (WESO) that have nested behind my

>house for the past two years. I expect them to be on eggs in about two

>weeks. They have been calling nightly now for the past two weeks. I

>sleep with the window open so I can enjoy them.


>I have four boxes up. They have yet to use the same box twice.


>I also have BARRED OWLs (BDOW) in the neighborhood. The female is radio

>tagged and is on eggs about a quarter mile from here. She shows up on

>occassion in my backyard (where she has been caught twice). Last summer

>one morning I was awakened by the "chuck" calls of agitated WESO who had

>recently fledged young in the area. I went out, and heard a single

>"WHOOO" call from an irate BDOW. That evening, I was missing one of the



>WESO are a difficult bird to find on the Island now. I know of two pairs

>only, whereas several years ago, they were relatively easily found. The

>BDOW population has gone up to 8 pairs.


>I have been feeding the WESO behind my house for the past three years on

>feeder mice. Expensive, but I enjoy their presence.


>What attracted them here initially was the nest boxes, I think. I didn't

>start feeding them until the young were hatched. I have a small (8 acre)

>woodlot behind me. Not large enough to support a large owl, but large

>enough to be attractive to a small owl. Five years ago I had a Northern

>Saw-whet Owl (NSWO) nest in an old Northern Flicker cavity.

>The NSWO also had boxes to choose from,including one 15 feet lower on the

>same tree that it nested in.


>Good Luck!

>Jamie Acker

>Bainbridge Island,WA

>Biowler1 at





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