Starlings vs. Wood ducks

Sego Jackson pond at
Sat Mar 30 10:55:14 PST 2002

I've put up a number of wood duck boxes and today have watched a pair of
starlings flying between several of them, but seeming to claim the primo
site. I wasn't expecting this. I also just watched a female wood duck look
into the hole of this box and as it was entering, the two starlings attacked
its back and she left the box without entering.

I am wondering how this is likely to play out. Does anyone have any
experience with starlings in wood duck boxes and observations of who wins
the aggression game between wood ducks and starlings?

I'm not seeking comments on the evils of starlings or control methods, bit
simply experience and observations regarding starlings, wood ducks and their

I was also surprised the starlings would choose a box with such a large
hole, when there are a number of other boxes on the property that they might
choose instead with smaller openings. Any observations in regarding this?


Sego Jackson
Whidbey Island

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