2 Falcated Ducks in California

Wayne C. Weber contopus at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 30 12:00:25 PST 2002

Ian and Tweeters,

Here is part of the transcript from the Northwestern California RBA,
which I cut and pasted from the BIRDWEST transcripts on Jack Siler's
website, Unfortunately, this transcript uses codes for bird species,
which is a pain.

The report was of 2 Falcated Teal (= Falcated Ducks) from the Elk
River Wildlife Area near Eureka on Thursday, March 28. However, it is
prefaced by a "Possible" designation in the highlights.

The FALCATED DUCK which was at Honey Lake in NE California since March
19 is presumably still in that area.

Maybe a whole crateful of these suckers escaped somewhere, and they
are now fanning out across North America? :-) :-)

Wayne C. Weber
Kamloops, BC
contopus at shaw.ca


RBA: Northwestern CA: March 29, 2002; issue #204 - RBA * California *
Northwestern portion * March 29, 2002 * CANW0203.29

Birds in CAPS are California Bird Record Committee Review Species. =
Please submit documentation of review species to: Guy McCaskie P.O.
Box 275 Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275 guymcc at pacbell.net


Birds mentioned Emperor goose EMPGOO Snow goose snogoo Peregrine
falcon perfal Pacific golden-plover pagplo FALCATED TEAL FALTEA Tundra
swan tunswa Barn swallow barswa Caspian tern caster Pileated
woodpecker pilwoo Black-footed albatross bkfalb Sooty shearwater
sooshe Short-tailed shearwater shtshe Pink-footed shearwater pifshe
Northern fulmar norful Black-legged kittiwake bklkit Brown pelican
bropel -

Transcript hotline: Arcata BirdBox and the Eureka BirdBox number:
(707) 822-5666 and 442-5666 to report: (707) 822-5666 and/or 442-5666
coverage: Northwestern CA, elsewhere as reported transcriber: Elias
Elias email: gzig at humboldt1.com

Following species were reported to one or both BirdBoxes (707.822-5666
= or 442-5666). To decipher the code, I can e-mail an Excel
spreadsheet with all species = codes on it or you can point to
Shipman's webpage: http://www.nmt.edu/~shipman/z/nom/6rules.html
species, number, nearest city, reporter, date, year, county, state, =
notes, location, time, which birdbox

EMPGOO,1,Arcata,kerry ross,28-Mar,2002,humboldt,ca,,jackson ranch =

snogoo,1,arcata,kerry ross,28-Mar,2002,humboldt,ca,,jackson ranch =

perfal,3,trinidad,michael morris,27-Mar,2002,humboldt,ca,,,,Arcata

pagplo,17,loleta,sean McAllister,26-Mar,2002,humboldt,ca,,eel river =

FALTEA,2,eureka,Melvin McKinley,28-Mar,2002,humboldt,ca,,Elk river =
wildlife area pound road, first pond on right on trail,,arcata


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> Does anyone have any details on the reported sighting of 2 Falcated


> in Humboldt County, California earlier this week??

> Sincerely


> Ian Paulsen

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