No Falcated Duck and more......

Dougnpip at Dougnpip at
Sat Mar 30 17:22:58 PST 2002

Hi Tweets,
Spent most of the morning searching the widgeon flocks for
the FD along with several other birders but with no success. It was a
beautiful day, no wind and good light, one of the best days I've had up there
weather-wise and it was just great to be out in the field again. We did have
an adult Swamp Sparrow just west of the "West 90" parking area along with a
few Savannah Sparrows. The ducks are definetly thinning out and are
scattered. However, down near the Skagit Wildlife Management Area good
numbers of swans were still present. The Skagit WMA was pretty quiet with
just a scattering of White-crowned Sparrows singing.
Good birding,
Doug Watkins
dougnpip at
Bainbridge Is Wa

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