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DanW dewdrop129 at
Sat Mar 30 20:40:35 PST 2002

I managed to slip away to go count and identify some bird today!
I just went down the road from where I live to some wetland habitat that looked real prime and I was quite pleased.
Klipson Beach area on the Long Beach Peninsula 227th

March 30th
50-55 degrees F
wind 10-15 mph
Mostly overcast.
2:30-4:00 pm 1 1/2 hrs total

3 chestnut backed chickadees
24 mallards
1 blue heron
4 wood ducks! (2 pair!)
1 downy woodpecker (male)
14 red-winged blackbirds (no yellow solid red on wings)
6 American Robins
4 unidentified swallows I just caught a glimpse couldn't see detail.
6 starlings
1 unidentified hummingbird (only heard-didn't see)
1 Kingfisher (only heard couldn't see so I'm not sure what kind but probably Belted)
2 song sparrows at waters edge
8 ducks (4 pair) that I have yet to identify I might need help with this one. I can't find them in any of my books.
13 species
75 individuals

This was the first time I have ever seen the wood ducks! In fact, it's by first birding trip. They are really spectacular! :-) These peticular wood ducks also seem to be quite shy and secretive. They were not pleased that I was there. But they eventually came back out of the reeds so I could see them better.
I am going to try and find out what the unidentified ducks are via the internet. If anyone knows where there might be good pictures of waterfowl species, please clue me. I will go back out tomorrow to try and get another look, too.
Dan Williams
Klipson Beach, Wa
dewdrop129 at

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