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Rolan and Tweeters,

At Vancouver, B.C., the mean spring arrival date for CINNAMON TEAL (21
years' data) is March 21. The earliest arrival is February 1, and the
latest is April 30. However, the bulk of the birds arrive in April.

A few Cinnamon Teal sometimes overwinter near Vancouver, and the
February 1 date could represent an overwintering bird.

I believe the arrival dates in western Washington are similar to those
at Vancouver. In eastern Washington, they are about 3 weeks later than
west of the Cascades.

Wayne C. Weber
Kamloops, BC
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> Greetings Tweeters!


> According to a copy I have of Wahl & Paulson's occurance bar graphs,

the Cinnamon Teal should start showing up statewide in early April.
I'd like to know from tweeters out there if there are some "earliest"
records. I had a beautiful, breeding plumage Cinnamon Teal in the
ponds west of the Nisqually barns today. Absolute textbook coloring
and field marks! Gorgeous bird! And all part of a "12 Duck Day".


> -Rolan



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