Sharp vs. Perserverance

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Sat Mar 30 21:36:55 PST 2002

Hey Tweeters,
This afternoon I glanced out my window and discovered a Sharp-shinned Hawk
sitting just outside my window on a maple that is near my bird feeder. I had
a great view of it but it moved over to a Douglas Fir about 30' away so then
I had to make use of my binoculars. I had the opportunity to observe the bird
for over 15 minutes. One thing I noticed was that the eyes appeared black or
very dark. Most of my guides show red eyes. Are the eyes of this Accipiter
shown redder in the guides (Nat. Geo, Peterson's & Sibley) than the actual
coloring in reality? The bird was in perfect light as it was backed by dense
green forest.

The other thing of interest to me was the male Hairy Woodpecker that was
within 5' of the Sharp-shinned Hawk. He was frozen to the trunk of the tree
right next to the one the Hawk was perched on but out of view of it. After
the Hawk left, the Hairy stayed in the same place without moving for over 45

I am thrilled to see the Sharp-shinned Hawk, however, not in my neighborhood.
Happily birding,
Beth Thompson
Arlington Wa
calliopehb at

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