Yellow Warblers at Mayfield Lake

David Hayden dtvhm at
Sat Mar 30 22:14:55 PST 2002

Jim Pruske, Brenda Johnson, and I birded Mayfield Lake, Mossyrock, and
the Cowlitz Wildlife
Area. At Mayfield Lake, we birded at Ike Kinswa State Park, Mossyrock
Trout Hatchery, and
Mayfield County Park. At Mossyrock, we birded at Swofford Pond and the
southwest portion of
Riffe Lake. At the Cowlitz Wildlife Area, we birded at Taidnapum Park
and a small pond + field
near where the old town of Kosmos used to be.
Our best highlight of the day was at Mayfield County Park, where we
found 2 Yellow Warblers.
We were able to observe the female for several minutes moving through a
decidous tree before it
flew off. The birds under parts were a definite yellow with a very
slight streaking in the breast.
The back was yellowish green with yellow wing bars. The head was yellow
with no eye line. The crown
was yellowish green. And the under tail was all yellow.

Here's a few highlights of our trip.

Scrub Jay - 2 (Chehalis along Market St.)

White Tailed Kite - 2 (in a field at Hwy 508 and Gish Rd.)

Mourning Dove - 18 (2 along Hwy 508 - 16 at Mayfield County Park)

American Kestrel - 3 (along Hwy 12)

Bald Eagle - 2 (1 at Taidnapum Park - 1 at Mossyrock)

Western Grebe - 28 (22 at Ike Kinswa S.P. - 6 at Mayfield County Park)

Yellow Rumped Warbler - 3 (Ike Kinswa S.P.)

Brown Creeper - 6 (Ike Kinswa S.P.)

Spotted Sandpiper - 3 (2 at Ike Kinswa S.P. - 1 at Taidnapum Park)

Common Loon - 2 (1 at Mossyrock Hatchery - 1 at Riffe Lake)

Horned Grebe - 1 (at Riffe Lake)

Rufous Hummingbird - 1 (Mayfield County Park)

Red Breasted Sapsucker - 2 (Taidnapum Park)

Pileated Woodpecker - 1 (Taidnapum Park)

Wood Duck - 6 (3 pairs at the pond near Kosmos)

Osprey - 1 (Taidnapum Park)

Sharp Shinned Hawk - 1 (on the way into Swofford Pond)

Fox Sparrow - 1 (Swofford Pond)

Cackling Canada Goose - 1 (at Riffe Lake)

Turkey Vulture - 10
1 along Leonard Rd. (Between Onalaska and Hwy 12)
2 in Morton
4 over Riffe Lake near Mossyrock Dam
2 at Ike Kinswa S.P.
1 at Taidnapum Park

We had good numbers of Tree and Violet Green Swallows throughout the

Dave Hayden
Lakewood, WA
dtvhm at

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