FRS radios frequency

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at
Sun Mar 31 07:08:59 PST 2002


The standard for birding with FRS radios (established by the ABA) is channel
11, subcode 22. At a range of about 2 miles, I'm not sure if you would pick
up signals from Sammish flats in Anacortes. You could certainly send out a
friend with another friend and see what the limits of the system would be.
For instant notification, we would need a pager system like they have in
England. My current pager has e-mail capability, and many cell phones are
now web-enabled. With enough of these in the field, word of significant
rarities could be spread within minutes (with all the attendant problems
that this could cause).


Jack Stephens
Edmonds, WA
jstephens62 at
Use FRS 11/22 when birding the Pacific Northwest

On March 30 Ray York wrote:

"Sorry if this has been discussed too many times but I don't know how to
access the archives. I just got a pair of the Motorola T6320 radios. Do
we (Tweeters) have a channel and code that we use when out in the field?
My store is just south of the Sammish flats and I would love to be able
to hear if there is a sighting (that duck has eluded me since day one!)
and head up there. Thank you."

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