Pocket binoculars

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at attbi.com
Sun Mar 31 07:46:50 PST 2002


There are several binoculars that might fit your needs. Eagle Optics
(www.eagleoptics.com) sells the Explorer 8x22 that lists close focus at 6.6
feet and sells for $59. There are several other folding roof prism models
they list for about the same price, that close focus to about 8'.
Be aware, however that the small size of these folding roofs comes at a
price. In general, you will get much more satisfying views with one of the
somewhat larger compact porro prism binoculars. They won't fit in a shirt
pocket, but they hide in your hand very well. My personal favorite in this
class are the Nikon Sprints, that sell for about the same price and close
focus to about 9 feet.


Jack Stephens
Edmonds, WA
jstephens62 at attbi.com
Use FRS 11/22 when birding the Pacific Northwest

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