Barn Owls/ inverts and owls topic

Gr8HrndOwl at Gr8HrndOwl at
Sun Mar 31 08:36:05 PST 2002

Around 1:30am last night along the highway between Sumner and Orting were two
Barn Owls approximately a mile apart. Both owls were sitting alongside the
road and provided great looks of each. Regarding the topic with
invertebrates and owls that Greg T. questioned; A good example would be
Reifel Bird Sanc. up in BC. If anyone goes up there as the refuge opens in
the morning you will see workers out there feeding the birds with huge
amounts of bird seed. There is bird seed everywhere littering the pathways.
Reifel is also known to have many, many Saw-whets that roost alongside the
pathways. One trail is even nicknamed the 'saw-whet trail'. All of that
birdseed attracts rodents as well as songbirds. And rodents of course
attract owls. Bryan Mathews, Gr8HrndOwl at

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