Margaret Parkinson margparkie at
Sun Mar 31 11:42:10 PST 2002

I also live in the U.District -- just a little east of Susan's friend.
I have had a HB feeder up for about a year now. I get many Annas. Over
the winter there were two or three there almost all the time. Over the
last couple of weeks, however, they have come less often. Does anyone
know why this might be? Are there more natural sites for them to feed
on now? They come once in a while but not in the frequencies they were
here in the winter.

Margaret Parkinson
U.District. Seattle

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I have a friend who lives in the U District, near 55th and Roosevelt.
has had hummingbird feeders up for the past month, and NO hummers have
discovered her yard. She is changing the fluid each week, and all to no
avail. Anyone out there in this area seeing hummers? Any advice?

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