Email notification of rarities

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at
Sun Mar 31 12:50:40 PST 2002

If we were to use e-mail for notification of rarities, via pagers or cell
phones, I would suggest not using Tweeters as the vehicle for communication.
The volume of traffic would prove too cumbersome, especially for those using
A separate communication group could easily be set up through Yahoo
( with only those individuals interested in
receiving real-time rarity reports signing up. Tweeters could be included in
this group, so that all reports coming to the communication group could be
mirrored in Tweeters as well.

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> I can see the flats from my office. They are straight across the water

> (no obstruction) so I am hoping that it will work. I guess that I need

> to send my wife for a drive <g>. I have a web enabled phone and I have

> thought about getting the tweeters email there but I don't know about

> getting every message twice. If verizon would let me check my email

> account via POP3, I could have my tweeters mail go there and that would

> be the "cleanest" setup. I cannot seem to access my verizon (

> email any other way than with my phone or the web interface. Does anyone

> else have a account and access it any other way? Are there

> other options? does allow for outside POP3 account access

> (meaning, I can access my account from my phone or

> their web interface). Thanks.


> Ray York

> Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird



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> Subject: FRS radios frequency


> Ray,


> The standard for birding with FRS radios (established by the ABA) is

> channel

> 11, subcode 22. At a range of about 2 miles, I'm not sure if you would

> pick

> up signals from Sammish flats in Anacortes. You could certainly send out

> a

> friend with another friend and see what the limits of the system would

> be.

> For instant notification, we would need a pager system like they have in

> England. My current pager has e-mail capability, and many cell phones

> are

> now web-enabled. With enough of these in the field, word of significant

> rarities could be spread within minutes (with all the attendant problems

> that this could cause).


> Cheers,


> Jack Stephens

> Edmonds, WA

> jstephens62 at

> Use FRS 11/22 when birding the Pacific Northwest


> On March 30 Ray York wrote:


> "Sorry if this has been discussed too many times but I don't know how to

> access the archives. I just got a pair of the Motorola T6320 radios. Do

> we (Tweeters) have a channel and code that we use when out in the field?

> My store is just south of the Sammish flats and I would love to be able

> to hear if there is a sighting (that duck has eluded me since day one!)

> and head up there. Thank you."




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