Dougnpip at aol.com Dougnpip at aol.com
Sun Mar 31 16:00:30 PST 2002

Hi All,
Birded PNP this morning in lt wind and partly sunny skies. To
the north there were numerous Bonaparte's Gulls, many in breeding plumage.
If I had to count, a thousand birds would be conservative. They were in
constant movement so locating a rarity such as a Little Gull was tough. Vic
Nelson has the right idea, live there so you are able to constantly scan the
water. Also about 30 Brant, 8 Rhinocerous Auklets, 8 Oldsquaw Ducks and 2-3
Western Grebes. Walking the road I saw 15-20 swallows overhead, Violet-green
and Tree, Red-winged Blackbird males singing and on territory, several House
Finches and Pine Siskins finished the list. A lone Greater Yellowlegs called
from the marsh.
Good birding,
Doug Watkins
dougnpip at aol.com
Bainbridge Is Wa.

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