Asotin Gulls

Marv Breece mbreece at
Sun Mar 31 20:19:18 PST 2002

Friday night I left the west side of the state after work, bound for
Clarkston to look for gulls. An all day effort Saturday and a couple of
hours this morning yielded neither the ICELAND nor the LESSER BLACK-BACKED

But as always, other birds filled the void. Yesterday as I scanned the
Snake River near Evans Road, I was serenaded by a CANYON WREN. Earlier in
the day, I had seen one perched on the guard rail by the road near that
location. In the town of Clarkston yesterday, I watched as an AMERICAN
KESTRAL picked what I think was a lizard from the top corner of a building
on 13th street near the river, and took it to a nearby pole to eat.

In the late afternoon Saturday, I scoped the Snake River just east of
Costco, where a small raft of WESTERN GREBES floated by. A CLARK'S GREBE
didn't give in easily, but eventually it revealed all the field marks
necessary to identity it. Birding with Patrick and Ruth Sullivan this
morning, we found this bird again, not very far upriver from the previous
sighting. Patrick also spotted 4 REDHEADS, GADWALLS, and a RING-NECKED

This morning at 5:45AM I had a 10 second look at the Chief Timothy
Scrub-jay. The location was the same as reported earlier.

I left Clarkston at about 10:30 this morning and headed for Yakima, and the
COMMON GRACKLE. I had been at the Birchfield Road location for about 20
minutes when Denny Grandstand showed up and found the bird right away. I
don't remember the grackles in Ohio where I grew up being this nice looking!
It was fun seeing this bird with Denny; especially since we had both dipped
this week-end on the Clarkston Gulls.

Despite missing the gulls;

it was a good week end.

Marv Breece
Seattle, WA

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