Ross's Goose at Royal Lake near Othello

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Sun Mar 31 20:21:15 PST 2002

Hi Tweets,

After getting skunked on the Iceland and Lesser Black-backed Gulls near
Clarkston on Saturday, I birded in the Othello area today. Highlights in
the Clarkston area were one Clark's Grebe on the Snake River and several
Ring-billed Gulls with a pink wash on their breast and belly.

Shortly after leaving Connell this morning, which does have a decent motel
in case you are in that area and need one, going east on Hwy 260 I pulled
over to check the map and noticed a hawk drifting toward me. It was a
Ferruginous Hawk, which saved me the trip to the Juniper Dunes area.

Kahlotus Lake is actually just a little bigger than a mud puddle but did
have five dowitchers on it. Scootenty Reservior had few birds but lots of
guys and hunting dogs at some sort of dog contest. I stopped at the Para
Ponds north of Othello to check for the Ross's Goose that has been seen
there for the past few weeks but didn't find it. I then did a circuit of
the area searching for cranes and found many good sized flocks, especially
on Roads 15.1SE and 14.8 SE east of D SE.

I stopped at the overview of Royal Lake at the corner of 14.8 SE and F SE to
scan the lake. There must have been 8000 Canada Geese on the lake, most of
them the smaller sub-species. After ten minutes of scanning I spotted the
Ross's Goose (or at least a Ross's Goose) in amongst all of the Canadas. It
was well over half a mile away. My photos of it are not very good
considering the distance but are recognizable.

I went to Moses Lake to try to get a photo of a Clark's Grebe but didn't
find one. I did see one Burrowing Owl on Dodson Road just north of
Frenchman Hills Road. On the ponds west of that intersection were five
Black-necked Stilts, one Greater Yellowlegs, thirty Tundra Swans and four
Cinnamon Teal.

Denny Granstrand

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