Easter weekend birding

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Sun Mar 31 20:34:40 PST 2002

Hello Tweets,

My mother and I birded the Easter weekend(March 30th-31st)in many portions
as last weekend,covering many of the same locations, with some additional
stops made to and from our journey back to Asotin Co.in search of the
WESTERN SCRUB JAY near Chief Timothy S.P. in western Asotin Co. We
encountered the exact same number of species as last weekend with 102 total
species, but with less driving. The main purpose was to get additional
photographs of the bird for further documentation of the interior
subspecies, which would possibly represent a first record for WA. We
searched two seperate times on the 30th for the Western Scrub Jay at the
previously listed location along Hwy.12, just east of Silcott Hills Rd, but
with NO LUCK as did other birders including Marv Breece. However, the bird
was refound by Marv this morning, then later well viewed at the same
location, but this bird seems to be moving around the general vicinity,
staying close to the thickest,vegetated areas and foraging in locust trees
that dominate the area. The bird was mostly observed near the entrance along
Hwy.12, then foraged towards the west then flew onto a thickly,vegetated
island, where it presumably remained and probably remains when the bird is
not seen on the mainland. The bird was quite vocal during our early morning
visit, but could not be refound upon a return visit from Clarkston. The bird
may remain to be difficult to locate by many, but with enough effort the
bird should be found and will hopefully remain.

We attempted to relocate either the 3rd year Lesser Black-backed Gull or the
adult Iceland Gull, as did other observers including Denny Granstrand on
Saturday and this morning, but we did not locate either species upon fairly
extensive coverage on the 30th at 4 main areas which hosted relatively good
gull numbers in the immediate Clarkston-Lewiston area in association with
the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Gull numbers varied greatly throughout the
day on the 30th at all locations that were visited, but numbers greatly
decreased on the 31st(today)during our morning search with little gull
activity noted, with the largest gull concentrations observed at the Asotin
Co. landfill. In addition to the Western Scrub Jay my mother and I relocated
a CLARK'S GREBE today along the Snake River,just west of the mouth of
Clearwater River on the Asotin-Whitman Co. line, which was originally found
by Marv Breece yesterday further west of this location along the Snake River
in Asotin Co. Today the bird was nearly immediately picked out from a
foraging flock of 18 Western Grebes, as Marv and my mother and I watched the
bird through our spotting scopes at 9am. This would possibly represent the
first Whitman Co. record to date, unless other old records appear. Another
species Marv encountered yesterday that we missed until today was a single
male Cinnamon Teal at Swallows Park, which we located this morning in
addition to a female seen together.We thank Marv again for physically
mentioning the Clark's Grebe,Cinnamon Teal yesterday, and for leaving us a
note at the Western Scrub Jay location this morning upon our arrival to the
sight,after missing the bird yesterday. Another highlight of the trip in the
mammal category was a BLACK-TAILED JACKRABBIT near the Tri-Cities Airport in
Pasco, which was our first for WA. The weather both days was favorable, with
increased heavy winds on our way home from Clarkston at various locations. A
list of of additional notable highlights at listed locations follows:

Common Loon
1 along the Snake River,south of Swallows Park,Asotin Co.(AS)on the 31st

Horned Grebe
2 at Chief Timothy S.P.,AS on the 31st

Eared Grebe
1 at Ellensburg,Kittitas Co.(KT)(presumed same individual that Brain Bell
and others observed on the 23rd of March,being at the same location)

Am.White Pelican
22 at Wallula,Walla Walla Co.(WW)on the 30th, with 28 there on the 31st

Double-crested Cormorant
18 along the Snake River east of Chief Timothy S.P.,AS both days
8 at Clarkston,AS on the 3oth

Tundra Swan
4 along the Walla Walla River,east of Madame Dorian Park,WW both days
2 north of the Para ponds,Adams Co.(AD)on the 31st

Greater White-fronted Goose
5 at the Para ponds,AD on the 31st

2 north of Para ponds,AD on the 31st

Wood Duck
1 pair at Swallows Park,AS on the 30th(with an additional 28 observed along
Hwy.12 in Lewiston,Idaho)

Cinnamon Teal
1 male at the Para ponds,AD on the 31st

Eurasian Wigeon
1 male at the Walla Walla River Delta,WW on the 31st

Eurasian/Am.Wigeon hybrid
1 at Swallows Park,AS both days

4 at Clarkston,AS on the 31st
14 at the Para ponds,AD on the 31st
1 along I-90,east of Ellensburg,KT on the 31st

Greater Scaup
1 male at Chief Timothy S.P.,AS on the 31st

1 pair on a telephone pole neat MP 83 along I-90,west of Cle Elum,KT on the

Rough-legged Hawk
1 along Hwy.12 west of Touchet,WW on the 30th
1 along Hwy.12,east of Pomeroy,Garfield Co.(GA) on the 30th

Golden Eagle
1 at Chief Timothy S.P.,AS on the 30th

1 male of the Taiga subspecies at the Para ponds,AD on the 31st

Peregrine Falcon
1 adult along Hwy.12,west of Clarkston,AS on the 30th

1 along Hwy.26 at MP 30.5("County Line ponds"),Grant Co.(GR) on the 30th

2 at the Scooteney Reservoir,Franklin Co. on the 3oth

Thayer's Gull
1 adult at Swallows Park,AS on the 30th

Glaucous-winged Gull
1 1st year bird along Hwy.12,west of Clarkston,AS on the Snake River on the

Caspian Tern
18 at the Walla Walla River Delta,WW on the 31st

Barn Owl
7 west of Chief Timothy S.P.,AS on the 31st

Long-eared Owl
1 at previous location

Belted Kingfisher(scarce for location)
1 along Hwy.12,west of Pomeroy,GA on the 31st
1 near MP 37 along Hwy.26,west of Othello,AD on the 31st

Townsend's Solitaire
1 east of Chief Timothy S.P.,AS on the 30th

Cedar Waxwing
14 at Swallows Park both days

Vesper Sparrow
1 along I-90(eastbound)at the Ryegrass Rest Area,KT on the 30th
2 along Hwy.26,east of Royal City,GR on the 31st

Sage Sparrow
2 along I-90(eastbound)at the Ryegrass Rest Area,KT on the 30th

Good birding,

Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
GODWIT@ worldnet.att.net

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